Important note: all prices are in USD dollars.

Every single cover is 100% exclusive, including the pre-mades. This means you’ll receive all copyrights to use the design however you wish and nobody else will end up with the same book cover as yours. The turn-around time for pre-mades is typically 48 hours at max unless you need modifications. If you need a custom cover, please contact me in advance for available spots.

Prices for pre-made book covers

The prices for the pre-made book covers are listed in USD right under every single book cover in the Shop Pre-mades section. You can narrow down the covers by genre through the categories listed on the side bar. Each cover can be customized and alterations can be made (typography stylization, change of colors, additional elements, etc). Alterations on pre-mades are free of charge.

Prices for custom book covers

The prices for a custom cover package range between $160 USD and $200 USD depending on the complexity of the design and the stock images used in it. Please contact me in advance with information regarding the project for a proper quote.

I require a non-refundable deposit of $50 for all custom commission projects 1 week before I start working on the design. If you wish to, you can provide your own stock elements, otherwise I will work with stocks from Deposit Photos and individual providers such as models and photographers.

All pre-made and custom book cover packages feature ebook cover, paperback/ hardcover and one of the following 3 options: audio book cover / bookmark divider / promotional banners (FB and Twitter cover photos, backgroundless 3D mock-up, two square banners for teasers and excerpts).

The rest of my services are as following:

  • set of bookmarks – $20
  • set of FB and Twitter covers – $20
  • audio book cover matching the design of the original cover – $20
  • banner bundle (FB and Twitter covers, backgroundless 3D mock-up, two square banners for teasers and excerpts) – $30
  • promotional poster for the book/ series based on a new design from scratch – $160
  • box set design for book series – $160 if it’s a new design, $20 if it’s an existing design from one of the covers in the box set
  • animated ebook covers – $30 (for more info, please visit this page)
  • other types of web or paper banners and posters – (website headers, ads, paper banners, etc.) – please contact me for a quote
  • merchandise – mugs, apparel and other merch goodies – please contact me for a quote
  • music related services – please contact me for a quote

If you have any questions or something is unclear, please feel free to contact me : )