Hi! I’m a goofball, nerd and self-taught digital artist. Evidently, I also can’t pose seriously for photos. You may know me as Yvonne Nikolova at Ammonia Book Covers, but some of my customers simply use Ammonia (nicknamed after my favorite chemical compound).


I specialize mainly in Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, High Fantasy, Dystopia and Sci-Fi, but sometimes I design in other genres too.


Apart from creating book covers, I also enjoy traveling, ice skating, board games, reading (Fantasy, Crime Fiction and Dystopia being on top of my list), playing my Korg keyboards and drinking coffee. Lots and lots of coffee! One of the many things that make designing book covers so fascinating to an avid reader like me is the fact that I get to contribute to the exciting world of literature with each new creation : ) 


Note: If you don’t hear back from me in the upcoming 48 hours, please check your spam and trash folders. Chances are my e-mail has accidentally landed there.

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